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Tyranna Sore-Ass-Wrecked!!!

Brought to You by the Dinosaurs of Drag!

Above is a photo of me performing at Drag Idol, The Birdcage, Leeds, in Nov. 2004

Above is a photo of myself flanked by two female admirers at Manchester Pride 2003.

Here it is at last!!!! The site you've all been waiting for! Tyranna Sore-Ass Wrecked, Sheffield's famous Soprano-Voiced Live Singing Drag Queen.
See her on most Wednesdays and occasional Sundays singing on the Karaoke at Dempsey's Bar and Club, at the bottom of the Moor, Sheffield, from about 9pm.

Here is a selection of her dates in 2005 when she will be appearing around the country:

Saturday July 2nd: London Pride!!!!

Saturday July 23rd: Nottingham Pride!

August 24, 25, 26th, evening of the 28th, and the 29th: MANCHESTER PRIDE, various venues. (Aug. 27th and most of Aug 28th, she will be away on a special booking).